Rendering Finishes Gallery

It can be tough choosing your home’s perfect finish, and we provide a range of professional finishes to choose from!

Having the perfect rendering finish can revitalise an ageing property, or even enhance your homes pre-existing beauty. It’s all about what you want to achieve with the finish, and we make sure all of our projects are completed with top-of-the-range products to make sure your vision is achieved.

Here, we’ve collected some example finishes for you to browse. We always recommend getting in touch to find out the best finish for your home, and offer a free consultation to help you decide!

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Full silicone render

This is potentially the most well-known rendering finish. It gives a classic textured 1.5mm finish that could potentially revolutionise a dated home. As with many rendering finishes, it’s available in different colour options. This is the highest quality render that we offer, and comes highly recommended.

Image courtesy of WBS Ltd.

Silicone enhanced render

This finish is very similar to the full silicone render and is an option for an equally classic finish.

Image courtesy of Project North West

Dash render or ‘pebble dashing’

Also referred to as ‘pebble dashing’, this render has a rough, gravelly finish for a rustic aesthetic reminiscent of sea-side properties.

Image courtesy of The Greenage

Brick slips render

If you’re keen to keep a traditional look for your property, then a brick slips render could be for you. This finish brings you all the benefits of rendering, whilst retaining the bare-brick look of a classic residential home by fixing thin slabs of real brick to the outer layer of your new render.

Image courtesy of NEPR

Brick effect render

This render has a similar look to that of brick slips, but with a difference in texture. Like brick slips, this finish brings you all the benefits of rendering, whilst retaining the bare-brick look of a classic residential home. However, this finish is created synthetically as opposed to with thin slices of brick.

Image courtesy of SJD Ltd.

Masonry paint render

This finish is very similar to ‘full silicone render’ in texture, but with a colourful twist! If you’re looking for a bright and quirky finish for your property, this rendering style is for you.

Image courtesy of Sandtex

Monocouche render

Also known as ‘scratch render’, this is a rougher-grained version of a classic silicone render. Your home maintains a uniform look but with a more textured finish.

Image courtesy of SJD Ltd.

High-build render

With a similarly uniform finish to silicone enhanced, this gives a textures, bark-effect look to your home.

Image courtesy of Glixtone



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